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Come visit our showroom to look through the abundance of flooring products we carry that will make your home look fantastic.
Solid Hardwood & Engineered Hardwood

Carpet creates a feeling of luxury and comfort in a room. Whether you want a formal or casual space for your family to enjoy, there is a carpet that is right for your home and lifestyle.

We carry Wool, Nylon, Polyester and PET Polyester carpets.

Shaw, Southwind, DreamWeaver, Dixie Home, Stanton, Hibernia, Unique, Fabrica & Kane are the carpet manufacturers we carry.

Hardwood adds warmth and value to your home. Whether your taste is more traditional, rustic or out of the box, we have plenty of samples to browse through to find the perfect fit for your space. 

Vintage, Somerset, Provenza, , L.W. Mountain, Lifecore Hardwood, Kahrs, Viking & Big Sky are the wood manufacturers we carry.

Sheet Vinyl &
Grouted Vinyl Tiles

Laminate has been around for a while and has proven to be a durable hard surface for everyday life. If you want a wood look, but have a large dog, laminate may be your best choice. It stands up to abuse better than a real wood floor. With technology improvements, laminate is now more water resistant than ever before.

We carry QuickStep, Armstrong Audacity & Casabella laminate selections.

We carry Congoleum sheet vinyl for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or mud room. Another vinyl product that has the look of ceramic tile without the price tag is Armstrong Alterna. This is a vinyl tile glued down and grouted with an acrylic grout. Easy clean floor with no grout sealing ever!

Hardwood Re-Finishing
Martin Rd 6.jpg

Maybe you have an existing wood floor that needs some attention or you would like to extend wood into another room from your existing wood floor. We offer hardwood re-finishing services. You can choose the stain color and the finish sheen.

We have all our sanding equipment connected to high suction vacuums which minimizes the amount of dust.

Water-Proof Core Vinyl Plank

Water-proof core vinyl plank is extremely popular. You get the look of wood, the ease of a floating floor and it's 100% water-proof. Liquid spills won't affect this product.

We carry many WPC/Rigid Core manufacturers such as Triversa, Homecrest, DuChateau, EarthWerks, Triumph, Viking, Casabella, & Provenza.

Bamboo & Cork

Bamboo and Cork are a couple of the "green" products we carry. 

Cork trees are grown and the bark is harvested in the centuries old tradition without harming either the trees or their habitat. Bark is initially sent to a factory to create stoppers for wine bottles. Cork flooring is created from the 'waste' material that is ground up and formed into sheets using minimal amounts of adhesive to bind the particles together under high pressure.

Unlike hardwood trees requiring more than 60 years to mature, bamboo is a grass that is renewably harvested over and over from the same plant. The stalk is split into slats which are laminated with an environmentally safe adhesive under hydraulic pressure to product planks for flooring.

APC Cork 

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